Free Download: Bricasti M7 Impulses

Bricasti M7 IR in Space Designer

Check out Samplicity’s free Bricasti M7 impulses for convolution reverb plugins like Space Designer (Logic), Waves IR-1 and Altiverb. Peter Roos has created free (i.e. Bricasti M7) and paid (i.e. T600 and L96) impulse responses that give mixers excellent choices when adding reverb to their tracks.  Check out the demos page for an A/B comparison of the paid IR libraries .  Share this link with your DAW friends and enjoy!

Update 1/2/11 4:45 PT: If you’re looking for Logic’s Space Designer or Waves’s IR-1 presets to use with the Bricasti M7 IR’s, go to, which downloads the IR’s with the presets (it took me several attempts to complete the download). The link works for now, but Acousticas has taken down their site since August and there’s no way of knowing when this link will stop working.  The Acousticas link is a more convenient solution for now until someone creates DAW presets for Peter Roos’s IR’s. (Update 6/9/11: Acousticas link is officially dead.)

Note: There’s a mistake in the Acousticas Logic readme file regarding where to put the IR’s.  Copy the “Bricasti M7” folder from the “Acousticas Impulses” folder and paste to:

Macintosh HD: Library: Audio: Impulse Responses: “Bricasti M7”

For the Logic presets, copy the “Bricasti M7” folder from the “Logic Presets: PST Files Bricasti” folder and paste to:

Macintosh HD: Users: : Library: Application Support: Logic: Plug-In Settings: Space Designer: “Bricasti M7”

Enjoy!Bricasti M7 IR in Space Designer

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  1. hello,
    please whats the path to put the folder for WAVES IR -L ? It keeps asking for impulse file each time i load it.

    1. I think you have to load each IR manually, but once you load one (Load>Import Impulse Response from File…), select Save>Put into Preset Menu As and name it whatever you’d like. As for where to put the IRs, you can put them in the IRImpulses folder so they’re with your other IRs. Let me know if this works.

    1. Hey Marcus! Not that I know of, though it’s possible to manually import Samplicity’s IRs. For Space Designer, use “Wave files, 32bit, 48 Khz.” The only one I really use is “6 Spaces 06 Scoring Stage.” Amazing reverb!

      1. Jonathan, does it matter if I use the 48khz or the 44,1 khz for the Space Designer? I always work with 44,1, but should I still use 48khz for the SD?
        And yes, as Marcus wrote, it would be nice to have the presets… Hopefully someone still has the file..

        1. Hey Jo, Space Designer automatically converts the impulse response to your session’s sample rate (this is also true for other convolution reverb plugins). However, since no conversion is ideal, I would pick the sample rate you normally work in. For me, it’s 48kHz.

          As for the Acousticas, I don’t have them anymore since I switched to Samplicity’s impulses. Didn’t spend much time with Acousticas, but I thought Samplicity’s impulses of the M7 were better. Also only created a preset for that “6 Spaces 06 Scoring Stage” IR, which is perfect for me and WAY better than Todd AO, which is too dry.

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