Any.DO and Evernote for Tasks, Ideas

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Looking for a better way to remember tasks and store ideas for later (other than using random Post-its or hoping someone reminds you)? Any.DO along with Evernote can Any.DOhelp streamline tasks and organize ideas on your smartphone and computer.

Any.DO is a clean, intuitive app that makes you feel productive whenever you’re adding and crossing off tasks. Whether it’s a personal errand or business order, Any.DO is perfect for projects that need to get done sooner than later.

For projects or ideas that can wait, use Evernote where you can leave detailed notes and add tags to sort related projects. Once you’re ready for a new project, review backburner ideas in Evernote and convert them into separate tasks in Any.DO.

Both apps are free to download on your smartphone and computer and sync with all of your devices.

This system came about after reading about The Action Method — a method developed in Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky (Behance, that helps creatives organize, prioritize and implement ideas. Pick up Scott’s book and visit to learn how today’s most successful creators spin out ideas.

With Any.Do, Evernote, and The Action Method, you’ll be much more productive with your creativity.

What’s your system for streamlining tasks and organizing ideas?

Do you use different apps? Or do you prefer organizing them on paper? Share in the comments.

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  1. I uses the same approach more or less, but I arrived to evernote + trying to convert my gmail inbox into a GTD (getting things done) that was not possible for me currently (even using activeinbox,…). is integrated really good with chrome and gmail.

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