It’s an amazing feeling when a student praises your music commission, like “Finding You for Jazz Band.” One of the trumpet players from the Strayer Middle School Jazz Band emailed me after downloading the demo mp3 (emphasis mine):

I am [name left out] and I am part of the Strayer Jazz Band. I am very impressed with this piece of music. I have heard of music that was just stuff that keeps repeating, but your music was so creative. I am a 2nd trumpet and I hope you continue to write for Strayer.

It’s a great feeling writing music for schools. Not only do I get to compose, but the young musicians get to play something that encourages a high-level of musicianship regardless of their skill-set.  There’s no reason why musicians at any age can’t have access to quality music, and my goal is to make sure anyone can play great music.

Side Note: You think the middle school trumpet player was talking about minimalist music when he said “I have head of music that was just stuff that keeps repeating”? Don’t think he was for some reason. 😉

Check out the “Finding You for Jazz Band” page to download the mp3 and view a sample of the score.

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