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MITO Orchestra Sinfonica RAI

MITO Orchestra Sinfonica RAI
In addition to helping musicians prepare for orchestra auditions, studying orchestral excerpts can also help composers with their orchestrations. These links include excerpts from actual parts as well as accompanying recordings. This is a work in progress! Please contact me if there’s a site I should add.

Scores and Parts

IMSLP (THE place for public domain music)

NY Phil Digital Archives (See the markings of scores and parts from when Leonard Bernstein conducted the orchestra…amazing resource!)


[Flute, oboe, & clarinet missing…send me links!]

Bassoon http://www.orchestralbassoon.com/excerpt-list/

Bassoon http://www.people.vcu.edu/~bhammel/main/bassoon/excerpts.htm (sheet music only)


Horn http://www.hornexcerpts.org/

Trumpet http://www.trumpetexcerpts.org/ (Great web design…what inspired me to write this post!)

Trombone http://www.tromboneexcerpts.org/ (Thanks to Karim Elmahmoudi for the link!)

[Tuba missing…send me links!]

Brass http://brassmusician.com/excerpt-library/ (Excerpts for all brass instruments. Work in progress.)


[Missing Harp, timpani, snare, and other percussion…send me links!]


Violin http://www.violinexcerpts.com/orchestral-violin-excerpts-list/

Viola http://violaexcerpts.com/orchestral-viola-excerpts-list/

Cello http://celloexcerpts.com/ (under construction)

[Cello and bass missing…send me links!]

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