Rework: What Musicians Can Learn From Chefs

Cheese Soup Recipe by Brian Kelley
Cheese Soup Recipe by Brian Kelley
Cheese Soup Recipe by Brian Kelley

In their book, Rework, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson use chefs as an example of entrepreneurs who share what made them successful. As chefs, they share recipes through cookbooks and cooking shows. Fried and Hansson, who founded web-company 37signals, wrote Rework to share their business secrets.

Here are four ways to share your musical secrets:

1. Share music production tips. 

Did you use a cool music production technique or plugin to create a specific sound? Write a tutorial so that music makers can experiment. Educating will create a loyal audience and keep ’em coming back to learn more.

2. Share sheet music and tabs. 

While musicians with good ears can figure out the chords of a song, you can help the casual musician by creating a lead-sheet or guitar tabs. Since popular songs end up on guitar tab websites anyway, why not beat them to the punch and share them yourself?

3. Let fans remix your music. 

Film composer and NIN frontman Trent Reznor lets his fans remix his music and share their mixes among the NIN community. In order to protect your music, consider adding a Creative Commons license and registering users before downloading audio files.

4. Reveal the process and inspiration behind a song.

Videos and interviews can provide great insight into how and why you wrote the music. Film composer Nathan Johnson created several videos about how he scored the film Looper. The videos were informative and insightful, without being too technical. They also promoted him as a film composer, his soundtrack, and the film all at once.

How about you?

What secrets do you share when promoting your music?

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