All Aboard! for Jazz Band

All Aboard Skype Session 3

All Aboard! for Jazz Band was commissioned in 2013 by the Kittatinny Regional High School “K-Train” Jazz Band, Newton, NJ, directed by Jarred Matthes. Dedicated by Kay Kleindienst in honor of her four grandchildren.

Program Notes: All Aboard! for Jazz Band Skype Session When the band director and I agreed on a commission for their “K-Train” jazz band, I signed off the email saying “All aboard!” As soon as I sent the email, I knew I had the title and concept for the piece. “All Aboard!” has train motifs throughout the song, starting with their “choo-choo” horn sounds followed by a train gaining momentum, as well as ending the tune with my version of the damsel tied to the train tracks seen in old cartoons.

Though I had these motifs and knew where to put them in the chart, I was struggling with the actually melody. I didn’t want it to be a knock-off of “Take the A-Train” or any other standard, nor did I want it be another 12-bar blues or “Rhythm Changes” tune. At first, I kept thinking of the title and started saying to myself,

All aboard, all aboard___the K-Train.
All aboard, all aboard___the K-Train.
All aboard, all aboard, all aboard, all aboard,
All aboard______the K-Train.

That’s when I knew I had my tune. Even though the lyrics aren’t sung in the chart, the bluesy theme came from those lyrics and the rest of the arrangement came together quickly.

 Kittatinny Regional HS Band Trip 2014:

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Performance at Universal Studios Hollywood:

Sample Page of Score: View PDF

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