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Draken International (Documentary)

Draken International (Documentary)

Draken International is a provider of tactical fighter aircraft for contract air services including military and defense industry customers. They are quite literally the modern day Top Gun as they play the role of the “bad guys” against military trainees.

Produced by Skynine Cinema

Original Soundtrack by Jonathan Manness

Runtime 20 minutes

Full Video
  1. Draken OST – Title Music Jonathan Manness
  2. Draken OST – Montage Jonathan Manness
  3. Draken OST – Kick Ass Dubstep Jonathan Manness
  4. Draken OST – Classroom Jonathan Manness
  5. Draken OST – About Draken Jonathan Manness
  6. Draken OST – “Build it and they will come” Jonathan Manness
  7. Draken OST – Now we’re rollin’ Jonathan Manness
  8. Draken OST – End Credits Jonathan Manness


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