Strolling for Jazz Band

Strolling for Jazz Band was commissioned in 2013 by the Hopewell Valley Central High School Jazz Band, Pennington, NJ, directed by David Schwartzer.

Program Notes:

Skype Rehearsal with Hopewell Valley Central HSImagine it’s a nice day outside.
Sunny, light breeze, fresh air.
Perfect weather for a stroll
around the neighborhood.

This mental picture was the main inspiration for “Strolling.” The melody came from an independent film I was being considered to score. The opening scene followed a teenage girl strolling throughout New York City. The bad news was that my music wasn’t selected for the film; the good news was that I had this jazz melody waiting to be developed and adapted for jazz band!

I really enjoyed working on this project with you – you’ve been nothing but a class act the whole way!
-Dave Schwartzer, Director, Hopewell Valley Central HS Jazz Band

Audio Demo (track features two excerpts from the premiere):

Sample Page of Score: View PDF

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