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Strolling for Jazz Band

Strolling for Jazz Band

Strolling for Jazz Band was commissioned in 2013 by the Hopewell Valley Central High School Jazz Band, Pennington, NJ, directed by David Schwartzer.

Program Notes:

Skype Rehearsal with Hopewell Valley Central HSImagine it’s a nice day outside.
Sunny, light breeze, fresh air.
Perfect weather for a stroll
around the neighborhood.

This mental picture was the main inspiration for “Strolling.” The melody came from an independent film I was being considered to score. The opening scene followed a teenage girl strolling throughout New York City. The bad news was that my music wasn’t selected for the film; the good news was that I had this jazz melody waiting to be developed and adapted for jazz band!

I really enjoyed working on this project with you – you’ve been nothing but a class act the whole way!
-Dave Schwartzer, Director, Hopewell Valley Central HS Jazz Band

Audio Demo (track features two excerpts from the premiere):

Sample Page of Score: View PDF

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